cinq à sept

cinq a septThere are six characters in cinq à sept. The two main characters are HE and SHE, two busy professionals who are meeting each other at the appointed 5 o’clock. (“Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!”) Who are they to each other? “What does it matter?” asks LULU, THE GODDESS OF LOVE, another character. “They’re lovers.” (“Love Is The Engine.”)

Two more characters are the ALTERNATE SELVES of HE and SHE. (Who appear in this script as AS/Him and AS/Her.) They’re the selves that HE and SHE are leaving behind for two hours, casting off, forgetting – or trying to. (“You Won’t Be Boring, I Won’t Be Snoring.”)

They’re the selves that are the prisoners of EVERYDAY LIFE, the sixth and last character. (“Everyday Life.”)
When lives are too busy, love loses. But there can be an antidote. “When I put my lips on yours/It’s sure to open doors/To marvelous amours¼” It’s called cinq à sept. (“From Five Until Seven.”)