The Blue State Blues

bluestateAs I write this, “Bush’s War” – which is how we must always regard the tragic and self-inflicted conflict which began in Iraq and now rages there and elsewhere – continues to consume us. In human lives and energies devoted away from peace and toward war. And how remarkably silent the principal architect of this resource-siphoning war and all of its consequences remains in his comfortable retirement.

But the cycle would accomplish nothing if it were merely about fury. Fury is easy; restoration and renewal and rebuilding are hard. If the cycle exists for anything, it is to motivate the caring to “seize the day, seize the hour, seize the tools of our rightful power.” To believe that there can be peace and then do the work necessary to achieve and maintain it. To believe that, as Al Gore said, we can “let the glory out!”

Here are some excerpts. Should you wish to buy the 18-song recording, you can do that at

Click here for a pdf of the accompanying lyric booklet.

I was very fortunate to have the services of a talented filmmaker, Everett Forrest Mason, who interpreted a number of songs from the cycle in varied and striking ways. You will find URL’s for YouTube videos of those songs below, too.


The Blue State Blues:

Bang! Bang! Shoot! Shoot!

Cool Fury

The White Men Who Run Things

The Deficit Song


Memorial Day

Let the Glory Out!

(Video by Tommy Nichols)