Spiritual But Not Religious

Spiritual But Not religiousThe 13 songs run a range from the joyous celebration of blessings to the fierce anguish of trying to make sense of tragedies. There are heights and depths, angels and demons. I think I have some answers; what I certainly know I have are questions, and questions not neatly answered by any dogma I’ve ever encountered or studied. Song by song, thought by thought, I’m trying to create a framework for people who consider themselves “spiritual But Not religious” to feel that there are others like us and that we can give more definition and shape to this identity. If I’ve done my work well, perhaps “Spiritual But Not Religious” can be the beginning of a little hymnal for similar thinkers.

Here are excerpts from the cycle, and additionally a pdf with all of its lyrics for you to download if you wish. It is for sale at BandCamp.com if you wish the whole.

I perform with both zeal and joy and invite you to invite me to do so for your group or congregation. Always lively is the “talk back” following the performance.

Preview the songs below:

Spiritual But Not Religious

The Endorphin Express

A Higher Power

Angels ‘R’ Us