I admire the stage. So that’s why I write for it.
                 I admire in particular musical theater, in which the sum of the parts – words + music – can be greater than words alone. Both of my plays, therefore, are musicals. Here are their summaries and some of their songs.

“Magazine”, a musical

Why wouldn’t there be a lifestyle magazine called “Magazine”? And why wouldn’t it struggle in a downturned economy, as the United States was poised for an invasion in the Middle East? And why wouldn’t one of its senior editors, concerned about the magazine’s drift and deterioration of sales, conspire to take it over with a rival publisher and restore it to vibrancy and viability? MORE. . .

“cinq à sept”, a musical

The French have a phrase: “l’affaire cinq à sept.” They’re the two hours in the late afternoon and then early evening when lovers meet for amour.
“From five until seven/ It’s gonna be just like Heaven. . .” is how we might translate it. MORE. . .